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Think Your Ex Lover Had Been Bad? Study These Terrible Dating Stories

Think Your Ex Lover Had Been Bad? Study These Terrible Dating Stories

Buddies of FLARE rounded up their legit worst dating experiences—all for the satisfaction

By Laura Hensley March 15, 2020

(Picture: Getty Pictures)

Dating could be the worst.

Between deadbeat dudes, f-ck boys, ghosting and straight-up terrible very first impressions, getting to understand some body romantically can keep you feeling… drained. Simply view any period regarding the Bachelor or The Hills if you want further evidence. In the event that you’ve ever believed like love is just a battlefield full of shitty dudes waiting to stomp on your own heart which makes you choose the cheque up (or at least waste your valuable time), have actually no fear—we’ve all been there.

In that character, some buddies of FLARE generously decided to share their most terrible dating tales.

From not-so-discreet hook-up needs to poop-stained pants that are PJ listed below are tragic items that have actually occurred to us IRL. You’re welcome, with no, we’re perhaps not sorry for sharing.

Unforgivable very first times

The man who valued “experiences” over “things”

The Starbucks date didn’t get started terribly—he was about 5 ins smaller so I felt like it all balanced out than he’d claimed to be, but was also WAY cuter than his profile photo. (and also to be clear: their real height is just a non-issue; lying about any of it ended up being the downside. ) Nevertheless when we really began speaking, we felt as with any this dude desired to do ended up being sjust how just how

And differing he had been. Hit one: He stated he preferred to pay his cash on experiences instead of things. We consented, and started speaing frankly about my love of travel—at which point, he interrupted us to state I probably “still owned Uggs though”… after which he LOOKED OVER our FOOTWEAR TO SEE IF HE WAS RIGHT.