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People desired classic stuff. Having had a history in drama

People desired classic stuff. Having had a history in drama

, and so a love for old clothing and crazy styles, the supervisor switched the Treasure Box into a shop that specific in every thing classic. The Plano and greater Dallas community have actually answered with overwhelming passion. We now have expected our clients and supporters to straight straight straight back us in this work as well as have actually. It is just like a grouped community work to carry us the strange and wonderful.

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One extremely lovely woman heard as to what we had been attempting to do and drove over the Metroplex to donate things that belonged to her mom. She had been really stoked up about the shop. The things had been too elegant and valuable to offer to simply any thrift charity or store. She didn’t wish cash, she desired to ensure that her mother’s products went along to individuals who appreciated them. The lady ended up being happy to greatly help us with this investment increasing efforts. She moved down with a grin, a since of satisfaction and a receipt that is tax-deductible.

Our Community

People purchase vintage clothes, precious jewelry, shoes, costumes as well as other duration things from around to donate them. They bring us products present in their family relations closets, merely to see our response to uncommon, enjoyable and weird material.