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‘BDSM for beginners’: every thing we learnt whenever I went along to a bondage workshop

‘BDSM for beginners’: every thing we learnt whenever I went along to a bondage workshop

From Fifty colors to flogging, Lifestyle journalist Rachel Hosie gets an accident course in BDSM

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Fifty Shades of Grey has sparked a pursuit in BDSM around the world – upon the film’s that is first in 2015, there was clearly a razor-sharp and unexpected upsurge in folks searching for the word online, according to Bing styles.

Nonetheless it works out that the movie is actually maybe perhaps perhaps not an exact depiction of BDSM after all – it’s one of the primary things we learn in my ‘BDSM for newbies’ workshop.

“It’s rape, it is abuse, it is maybe maybe not a precise representation,” says professional principal and frontrunner associated with workshop, Master Dominic.

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It’s a Monday night and I’m in a basement that is dimly-lit within the Book Club in Shoreditch, East London. Sitting alongside me personally in rows of seats are a variety of males and women – most are with regards to lovers, other people with mates, a few are alone.

The main Book Club’s ‘sex-ed for adults’ series, we’ve been guaranteed a “introductory workshop in kink” – we’ve been guaranteed, nevertheless, that you will have no market involvement.

I will be frequently the variety of individual to volunteer, but also i may draw the line only at that one.

As somebody who knows bit more about BDSM than just exactly what one sees in Fifty Shades – and I’ve just heard of film that is first it does not simply take me personally very very long to realise i’ve a great deal to discover.