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Emergency situations can be managed by searching for employee proximity or the first available times. Managers with potentially errant employees may love the tracking system that provides the locations for all employees on an easy-to-read map. I don’t share this to wax nostalgically about a time only a few remember. My point is that although people who lived through that time may remember the rough transitions, most of us know that things are better. Waiting two weeks for important information to arrive by mail was not fun.

Which is good and bad – you download Zoho and then you’re watching training videos, looking at online reference materials and configuring everything yourself. Now, we talk about the ‘consumerization’ of business software. You don’t get some ‘consultant’ to help you install that app, you just push a button at the app store and boom, it’s on your phone, and push a button and boom, you open it up, and boom, you’re using it in seconds. That’s why we’ve also developed a starter approach for smaller businesses.

First, it could potentially avoid the need for the customer taking a ridiculous amount of notes during the training in order to follow the information. Customers can now focus on understanding what they hear, and only make notes to reference what has been recorded. Second, a recording of that nature could be a powerful reference tool and a way to train future employees.

Employees in the field are then able to complete the job and automatically file forms, job updates, and payments with the home office. Recurring appointments can be recorded at once using a feature that copies the same information across multiple dates.

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But what we would say is, that QuickBooks, even with it’s majority marketshare among US small businesses is not the defacto default anymore. There were also other modules, but the world is full of software companies trying to be all things to all people – and after a while it gets to be background noise.

We don’t do a one size fits all package, but we do work to design a two – week limited scope project to help get you through the process. So, we can save our clients an incredible amount of money – or rather help them do it themselves by increasing productivity through software technology. We told you the story of Dell Computer – tripling the capacity of their phone operations by putting up one of the first online shopping carts and shifting transaction costs of orders from the company to the consumers. We’ve told the story before of the client who told us they couldn’t spend more than $10 thousand on software – until we showed them how to cut back on a $10 thousand a month phone room labor by Discover more. To download Avast Antivirus again, click this link and follow the instructions given. switching to online order entry.

Changing the way we do things should improve those things. You may be an emerging small business growing at a rapid rate. Zoho may be a great let’s get off of QuickBooks while we still can escape strategy. But also know you need to do a comprehensive analysis of growth projections and future ERP strategy.

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It’s Thursday at the Phoenix road show for a software called Zoho – you may have seen them as a free CRM product a few years back – well, things have developed since then. Not technically ERP, but a Business Operating System – as they refer to it, for predominately small to medium businesses. Welcome to ERPodcast, the small business edition – but even huge multinationals need to know – there’s a change in business software deployment – we’ll discuss.

You need to factor in what you’re going to spend in terms of the labor and time your staff is investing in this project. And if you see you may outgrow Zoho within 3 years, you may want to consider going a little higher up the food chain into a more traditional ERP. In the old days – last century – to become a software consultant you started with a background in accounting or IT and then you studied and went to intensive training and became certified – but now – we’re in the cloud era. But look, now, the success of your software is in your company’s ability to develop your people to be able to learn and use the new software.