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The truth that is appalling dating dramatically more youthful ladies

The truth that is appalling dating dramatically more youthful ladies

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T wenty-eight-year-old Lady Kitty Spencer, Princes Diana’s niece, happens to be seen strolling although the roads of the latest York together with her supply draped across the neck of her 60-year-old boyfriend, fashion millionaire Michael Lewis. It’s the initial general public acknowledgement that she’s certainly with a guy twice her age, a guy that is also more than her own dad, Earl Spencer.

Romantics will say, why should not they date? In the end, age is merely lots. To which cynics just like me will retort: yeah, a huge zero! For having dated ladies much more youthful than me – the greatest gap had been 25 years – i really hope Mr Lewis won’t mind me personally providing a bit of caring and concerned advice: Don’t do so!

The pleasures of dating women that are young Kitty Spencer are pretty apparent from a mature male viewpoint: youth, beauty and sexiness.

But frequently young ladies are simply arm candy; artistic Viagra when it comes to older, sagging male ego. Needless to say, we older men never acknowledge that, preferring to declare that they truly are “terrific fun” and “terribly bright” – even though they’re dense as two planks.

Exactly what would be the pitfalls of dating women for the older guy? I threw in the towel heading out on times with women once I switched 50. (I’m 64 now. ) There’s one thing we call the ‘yuck factor’; this is certainly, the spectacle of an adult guy attempting to woo or seduce a new girl is merely a bit yucky that is.

I s this ageism that is pure? Possibly. My father had been constantly chasing young women – actually, he had been constantly chasing any girl by having a pulse – I would never be that way so I swore.